Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Resolutions Made On A Spiritual Journey

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By: Swami Brahmdev on Apr 10, 2015 

'life is a testing ground for inner growth. So there will be trials and tribulations." 
writes Swami Brahmdev

In my spiritual journey, I have experienced the presence of Divinity, in whose shadow, 
harmony and peace grows. Things happen even as I am watching. I feel amazed. I have 
also experienced the role played by disturbing forces in the game of life. The challenges 
posed by these forces have sometimes put my life in danger.

Mother has said that in the end only the divine forces win the game. When you know this, 
whatever be the problems that come your way, you do not lose your balance; your faith 
grows with that belief.

And we also have this notion that when you work for the Divine, the Divine will only hand 
chocolates. Ha! No. The Divine is making you and the process of making you is not always 
easy. So there are trials and tribulations. All this sounds like a jigsaw puzzle. The big picture, 
the most important thing about life, is life itself. Everyday, we should spend some time 
thinking about life…our prized possession. Why do we have it? What is its purpose? How to 
make it more meaningful? The mind and body are instruments to manifest the Divine. Without 
the influence of the soul, life has no meaning.

The process of knowing yourself — your soul — begins with frustration, strange as it may 
sound. The frustration comes from your ignorance. You should constantly ask yourself: Why 
am I here? When you keep asking that question, something inside will break, and the process 
of knowing yourself will begin.

So, life is a laboratory with one question that needs to be answered: Who am I and why
am I here? Life is a testing ground for inner growth. Mother says nothing can be taught 
and you have everything within you. You only need the right atmosphere, which is created 
with the right attitude. The right attitude is that of service, selfless service. Till you develop 
that attitude, life keeps throwing challenges at you.

When you go to a gym, the trainer gives you more and more weights to lift — as much 
as you can take. Everyday, Nature, too, keeps adding weight. It looks heavy at the 
beginning but you manage to lift it. This is the process of learning and growing. It means 
you have learnt something, discovered something. Everyday, a new test awaits you. It is 
joyful to find you pass it and move on.

How to pass the test? Let the Divine work. You just watch. If you let the Divine manifest 
itself, you will be surprised how things automatically happen. There is only one secret — 
dedicate it to the Divine. Live for the Divine. Believe in Divine forces. Do not think of your 
personal interests. The Divine will take care of them for you. The Divine is waiting for you 
to be free from personal agendas; then it will work wonders.
When you are working for personal desires — when the self is above all — you have to 
worry about resources, because you have to work with limited capabilities. When the 
Divine works, there are no limits.

We confuse ourselves by using words such as duty, out of context. People often ask me, 
“How can I live for the Divine when I have worldly duties — duties towards my family and 
at my work place?” Duty is a beautiful word, but when you say I have duty towards
my family, who is your family? Just the few people you live with?

The whole world is your family. You have duty towards every other being, animal or human. 
If you carry this definition of duty with you, you will look for benefits for everybody. 
Then the Divine will find that you are in consonance with the purpose of life and will 
start working magic for you as well as for the entire humanity. That is when the forces 
creating trouble will be defeated, overcome.