Saturday, February 02, 2013


Aurovalley was very pleased to welcome 15 sociology post-graduate students and one professor from Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University last week. The group quickly and efficiently emerged themselves into the flow of life here at the ashram.

JNU students in Satsang (Q&A with Swamiji)
They were enthusiastic as they picked up brooms and rakes to rid the grounds of fallen leaves and dust. A dynamic and vibrant bunch they were very respectful of the silence we encourage here at Aurovalley.  The students who are from different backgrounds have come together under a shared affinity for the arts including poetry, prose, music and a shared value for exploring the unexplored including themselves.

The group presents Swamiji with a book of poems

They call this group The Tree Club. Before this group left Aurovalley they presented Swamiji with a beautifully written book of poems and two of the members sang beautiful songs with just the sweetness of their voices and the chords of a guitar. A few students then shared their thoughts and feelings about Aurovalley. It was a wonderful treat for all of us as we sat in the sun and listened to the gratitude this group felt towards Aurovalley and Swamiji. And it was a blessing to have such an open and receptive group come and experience the ‘School of Life’.
Two very talented souls
Listening to Swamiji speak
Packing in the jeep to head back

Aurovalley welcomes students within India and around the world to come experience and learn the true meaning of living here at our School of Life. If you are a teacher or student and would like to organize a group visit please contact us at