Tuesday, January 29, 2013


The day began like no other here at Aurovalley with the birds chirping and an early rise for morning meditation but on December 12, 2012 there was an air of anticipation and excitement that filled the air which was hard not to notice. Visitors, guests and students were treated to a special meditation with The Mother's music and hundreds of candles warming the meditation hall while the water and soil from around the world received its first blessing as it lay under the photos of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. It was a day Swamiji and the large family Aurovalley is, had been looking forward to - the inauguration of the World Temple.

The winter chill had eased up that day and the sun was shinning as we all made our way to the World Temple. Decorated with hundreds of flower garlands and dressed with flags which were tirelessly put together by dedicated students, the World Temple was ready to receive the world. A warm welcome of classical Indian music was played by two very talented souls as the ceremony began. A few short and sweet speeches were said before Swamiji took the stage. Swamiji set the tone with his words about the importance of living a conscious life and so followed the day's events resonating with his inspirational words.

The Kadam tree was carried in and planted in the center of the World Temple. Water and soil from different corners of the globe were placed under this tree of life by the many friends, family and special guests of Aurovalley. It was a truly unique site.

A lunch of delicious Indian food was served buffet style with a seating area off to the side of the entrance to the World Temple. This was followed by a special cultural programme which was the perfect way to end the day yet begin a new opportunity to manifest the Supreme Consciousness.

A video of the inauguration put together by Sergei Chachin

Enterance to the World Temple

Group effort

FOR MORE BEAUTIFUL PICTURES OF THE INAUGURATION OF THE WORLD TEMPLE CLICK HERE (Thank you Jean-Pierre Muller for taking and sharing these pictures) 
The World Temple is under construction. If you would like to contribute please contact us at aurovalley@gmail.com