Friday, August 16, 2013


The ties between Colombia and Aurovalley were strengthened with the visit of Colombia's ambassador to India and two diplomats on August 3, 2013.

This was the first time ambassador Juan Alfredo Pinto had come to the ashram after years of hearing about Aurovalley and wanting to visit. He was accompanied by diplomats Pieroangelo Gandini and Francisco Meneses and Oscar Bello also from Colombia.

Unity: Ambassador pinto pours Colombian water under the Tree of Life with the help of Swamiji

It was a short stay however the ambassador and diplomats fully involved themselves in the activites we have here at the ashram. Ambassador Pinto even tried out the morning yoga class. The group embraced the peaceful and calming atmosphere of Aurovalley and were in appreciation of a place that is considered a second home to many Colombians.

Next was a tour of the World Temple where ambassador Pinto, diplomats Piero and Francisco and Oscar gave their blessings to the Kadam Tree with water and soil from Colombia. This was followed by a walk though the entire ashram.
Enjoying the sights from the World Temple roof
Ambassador Pinto thanked Swamiji for his hospitality and promised to stop by again. He also emphasized his enthusiasm for enriching the relationship between India and Colombia and felt that Aurovalley will play an integral part in this growing relationship.