Sunday, January 20, 2013


“The idea is not to live at an Ashram but to live with an ashram attitude.”- Swamiji

So with this thought we here at Aurovalley would like to help spread the joy, peace and harmony of ashram life to those who aspire to live with an ashram attitude. We will begin to bring you a touch of Aurovalley on a regular basis whether it be uplifting words from Satsang with Swamiji, news of special events, testimonials or photos of life here at Aurovalley. We would like you to be able to experience a little bit of Aurovalley even when you are physically far away from here. We hope with this blog you are inspired to keep aspiring for the highest and best possibilities - the Divine in you.


I am light but I am living without light. I am love but I am living without love, I am peace but I am without peace. I am harmony but I am living without harmony, I am joy but I am living without joy. How can I break the cycle of falsehood? That is the point. You can accelerate the process of your evolution. You consciously have to enter into the process of your evolution. We all have that ability. It is only a determination. Just sit quietly and ask what you want or don't want. As soon as you find out then establish that clarity in your consciousness. Then when you make a decision of what you want, anything is possible! (Satsang - January 17, 2013)